Kritter Sitters of Minneapolis




I am fully vaccinated, and have not been sick. 

I am still following state and CDC guidelines for masking and  distancing when I'm out and about. 

I still carry and use alcohol wipes on surfaces and pet items; hands are soap washed or wiped with alcohol before touching your pets. Masks will be worn upon request inside your home. 

Serving:  Fridley and areas nearby, Columbia Heights, Quarry area, NE Mpls., Lowry Hill, Isles/Makaska/Cedar Lakes, St. Louis Park,  Golden Valley, New Hope, Crystal, Robbinsdale, Camden, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park. 


General Boundaries:  North – zipcode 55433/Hwy 694/94;  East – NE Stinson Blvd to 35W to 94W;  

South – Minnetonka Blvd;  West – Hwy 169.  

Service Request Form

For last-minute changes, please call or text the number at the top of the screen.

Please fill out all information on the Service Request Form and then click "Request Service" at the bottom.  Please provide as many details as possible. When we receive your request, we will call or e-mail you promptly to further discuss your needs (usually within 24 hours).  If a date is pale grey, Kritter Sitters is closed on that day, so you will be unable to choose it. (Dark grey areas simply indicate the next or former month).

 The following steps help us provide the best service possible: 

Veterinary Authorization in place at your home - for vet emergencies if we can't reach you. Non-negotiable, and required for service.
(see 'For Existing Customers' for a form). 
Advance booking, whenever possible.  We'll try, but we can't guarantee availability for last-minute requests. 
Prompt response to email, texts or phone calls.  Please answer all questions - saves time avoiding repetitions and resends. 
Flight and Travel Itinerary, including airlines, destinations, times, dates. Please include time leaving house and returning again. 
Notification of travel delays or early returns - from your destination, whenever possible. 
Immediate phone call or text upon your return home - either from airport, or at the moment you get home. 
Timely payment - in our hands by or before due date on invoice. Late fees may apply. 

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