Kritter Sitters of Minneapolis




I am fully vaccinated, and have not been sick. 

I am still following state and CDC guidelines for masking and  distancing when I'm out and about. 

I still carry and use alcohol wipes on surfaces and pet items; hands are soap washed or wiped with alcohol before touching your pets. Masks will be worn upon request inside your home. 

Serving:  Fridley and areas nearby, Columbia Heights, Quarry area, NE Mpls., Lowry Hill, Isles/Makaska/Cedar Lakes, St. Louis Park,  Golden Valley, New Hope, Crystal, Robbinsdale, Camden, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park. 


General Boundaries:  North – zipcode 55433/Hwy 694/94;  East – NE Stinson Blvd to 35W to 94W;  

South – Minnetonka Blvd;  West – Hwy 169.  

At-Your-Home Pet Care, during your travels

We are dedicated to providing reliable, compassionate, at-your-home pet care.  We've been in service over 19 years, are fully bonded and insured, and are members of Pet Sitters International ( and Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota (, and listed on Angie's List.

We have a wide variety of pet care experience - from caring for our own pets, to pet sitting, to dog training and kennel work, to humane society volunteering.  We have experience with most types of domestic pets - mainly dogs and cats, but also bunnies, birds, rodents, reptiles and fish. And chickens!

Services For Travelers

Travel Pet Care, While You're Away
This service is offered 7 days a week.  It includes one to four daily visits to your home, depending on your pets' needs. Every-other-day visits are available for cats, if appropriate.  We feed & water, give potty breaks or walks, clean litter boxes or cages, give scheduled medications, cuddle and play with your pets, and check on your house (mail and papers in, lights on/off, plants watered, etc.).  Your pets get great care, in their own familiar environment! (For safety and control, cats must remain indoors during our care.) 

Overnight Stays at your home with your pet(s) are available on a limited basis. 

Free, No-Obligation Consultation*
Prior to beginning service, each new customer receives a free 30-45 minute consultation at their home.  We meet each other and your pets - to see if we're a good fit for each other.  If not, there's no obligation.  If so, we'll go over your pets' routines and scheduling, complete the necessary forms, get keys, etc.  After that, care for your pets is just a click or phone call away!  Consults are offered M-F during the day, or M-Th evenings if needed.   *(Additional meetings for home moves, new pets, etc. are charged at regular visit rates.)


Our services do not include:
  • Midday weekday dog walks. We only provide travel pet care. 

  • Boarding - we only offer at-your-home pet care.
  • Veterinary care -- we will, of course, transport your pets to their vet if they become sick or injured.  Clients must complete our Veterinary Authorization Form with payment information for use at Emergency Vet Services, or your vet, if needed.

  • Full-scale grooming - we will always clean and/or dry off your pet if they become dirty or potty-soiled.  And we are happy to do light brushing or nail trimming (if your pets allow it).
  • Full-scale pet yard cleanup - but, we do pick up whatever waste your dogs leave during our visit or stay.  

  • Housekeeping - however, we will always clean up after ourselves and clean up any messes your pets make during our visit.  We try to leave your home as good as you left it.
  • Carpet cleaning - we will pick up feces and vomit as we see it, and blot up liquid messes. However, deeper carpet cleaning must be done by a professional cleaner of your choice.
  • Snow removal or yard care - please arrange for a service to handle these needs when you travel. 

Picture credits: Nancy Novak, Chris Barber, Sandos